Stop iTunes from launching willy-nilly

Are you tired of iTunes URLs opening in your browser only to then launch that SAME EXACT PAGE in iTunes? You need the NoMoreiTunes Safari 5 extension. This thirty-two kilobyte download will save you from pulling your hair out. You can now browse iTunes as much as you want inside of Safari without being hassled by Pretty great, eh?

The only real exception to the iTunes blocking functionality is for account creation. When you try to create an account through the website, it will pass you iTunes to handle that. That sounds pretty reasonable to me.

I’m really happy with all of these Safari 5 extensions I’m seeing at this point Apple’s extension gallery isn’t even available yet, and we’re already getting some great stuff. What are your thoughts about this wave of Safari 5 extensions? Have you gone extension crazy? Let us know what extensions you like by commenting on this post or tweeting me.

Article Via Safari Extensions

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