Handwritten Note From Steve Jobs Hitting Sotheby’s Auction Block

A handwritten note from a 19-year-old Steve Jobs is hitting Sotheby’s auction block, and it is estimated to sell for somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 USD. The note, written by Jobs while working at Atari, is an addendum to a report sent to Stephen Bristow regarding some “wire changes” in the “paddles” section of his report.

Here’s how Sotheby’s is describing the contents of the auction:

Jobs,  Steve.  Instructions  for  Converting  World  Cup  PC  Boards.  Los  Gatos,  CA:  Atari  Inc.,  ca.  1974.  4  pages  (11  x  8  1/2  in.;  280  mm  x  216  mm),  typed  manuscript  on  Atari  embossed  letterhead,  includes  3  original  circuit  diagrams  in  pencil  by  Jobs.    With  1  pg  ANS  on  lined  paper  in  black  pen,  signed  “Steve  Job”s,  providing  additional  designs  for  the  paddles  and  alignment  of  players  defending  a  soccer  goal.  1  page  being  an  addendum  to  the  printed  report

Interesting? Yes. Worth 10-15,000 USD? Probably not. It’s a page from a report from a notebook. It’s hardly a historical document. We’d like to ask anyone who’s considering the purchase of this fine document to donate the money to a charity like Child’s Play instead. Those kids could use the extra cash.

Via: Gizmodo

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