How Steve Jobs and John Lasseter changed the cartoon world forever

Pixar holds a special place in a lot of people’s hearts these days. There’s a lot of things that Steve Jobs gave to the world, but one of them that often gets overlooked is Pixar and its computer animated films. It’s hard to imagine a world where Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. may not have existed.

Co. Design has an interesting article up on its site about how Steve Jobs and John Lasseter transformed animation forever.

Even though Jobs had been ousted from Apple, if there’s one thing he understood more than anyone else, it was the power of delightful designs to reinvigorate brands, connect with new customers, and create whole new businesses. That’s what Luxo, Jr. was: a public service announcement saying “Hey! Computer animation is going to be big. Get in on the ground floor now.”

It’s an interesting read, and we recommend checking it out.

Read How John Lasseter’s Characters And Steve Jobs’s Cash Saved Pixar From Death on Co.Design

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