Starbucks To Begin Taking Orders From Their App

It’s not an IV drip to your veins, but Starbucks is making it a bit easier to get your coffee fix later this year. Starbucks has announced that it will begin letting customers order coffee directly from their phones at some point in the nearish future.

In a statement to Re/Code, Starbucks’ Chief Digital Officer, Adam Brotman, illustrated exactly what the company has in store for its customers. Apparently, 14 percent of all orders in-store are paid for via the Starbucks app. With that in mind, the company will begin letting customers place orders for pickup in one “undisclosed test market” later this year.

Brotman also made it painfully clear to Re/Code that this isn’t an experiment and that the company will be rolling it out nationwide at some point in the future.

Hopefully the next logical step in the new age ordering system is delivery baristas willing to bring the cup of joe beside once your alarm goes off. I also picture a new alarm app from Starbucks that syncs to the store and immediately starts making your cup of coffee moments after waking up, or getting out of the shower.  Why place an order at all in 2014. Just start making the coffee and charging a monthly fee for the service, or offer one click in-app purchases for for weekly subscription rates.

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