Star Coloring brings out your creative side.

I’m always on the lookout for great software for my kids to use on their iMacs.  I like to find stuff that will hold their attention, and keep them coming back to use the software.  My daughter likes to download trial games and educational software.  This is also another great way to see if she’s going to like it before we buy it.  As for my son, he tends to play Disney online games.  There are times that both my son and daughter find webapps or desktop software that they both enjoy.  This is great on two fronts.  One, they find something that they can interact with, and help each other out with. The second reason is, that it’s lighter on my wallet, which is always good.

Both of my kids enjoy coloring and being creative.  This is the beauty of what a computer can do for you.  It helps extend or enhance your creative side.  There’s one application that does this: Star Coloring.  Star Coloring has many different coloring books that can be used on your Mac or Windows computer.  Since we are a Mac household we used the Mac version.  When my wife saw Star Coloring she too was hooked on it.  It’s a sign of a good application when both parents and kids find it enjoyable to use.

My daughter loved mixing colors to get just the right look for the page that she was coloring.  My son had fun coloring the different animals, and making them any color his imagination could think of.  As for my wife she enjoyed herself, by comparing her artwork to the kids artwork.  Fun was had by the entire family.

Coloring books to choose from

Star Coloring has six different coloring books to choose from.  Below is an itemized list:

  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • Buildings
  • Fruits
  • Vehicles
  • Christmas

Each coloring book is it’s own download, and costs $19.95 each.  You get nine different coloring pages in every coloring book.  You also can download a trial version of any of the coloring books.  Each trial version allows you to color two pages.  If you like what your coloring, you can purchase it.  You’ll receive a serial key which will unlock the trial version.


Star Coloring has a list of features that take it beyond a coloring book:

  • We have clear and easy interface.
  • You can get any color in the palette.
  • 3D objects make a picture more real.
  • Unique selection of topics in each coloring book
  • With our Starcoloring your kid will never get dirty with the paint.
  • We save our forests by not using the paper.
  • The program has sounds and music.
  • Starcoloring works with Windows and Mac OS X.

These features really define what Star Coloring is, from the easy interface to them being green.  When you first use Star Coloring you’re given a very detailed outline as to what all the buttons on the screen can do.  This is very helpful for any first time user of the software.

Room for Improvement

This software is very good, but there is always room for improvement.  When my wife was using it, she couldn’t find a true black. It was missing from the color palate.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t mix the colors to get black.  The other thing I found that was missing was a print option.  I know Star Coloring wants to be green and save paper.  However, my kids usually create artwork on the computer, and they print it out to put on the refrigerator, or for my wife and I to take to work to hang in our office.  These are really the only two things I see that can be improved upon in this app.

With that said, I would recommend this software to anyone who has kids.  It has a lot of replay value.  My kids love it, and no two coloring pages will be the same.  Like I said earlier, Star Coloring allows kids to use their imagination to create works of art.  If you would like to get started, and create your own works of art, click here to download one or all six of Star Coloring’s coloring books.  Have fun using your imagination!

Photo Credit: Star Coloring

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