SSDs Are Getting Cheap, So It’s Time To Ditch Spinning Disks


Geoff Gasior over at The Tech Report took the time to study the prices of over 25 different SSDs in the past fifteen months. Without surprise, he found that prices are dropping significantly.

Let’s put a number on that trend. For the data we’ve collected, the average price drop is 46%. And that includes the SSDs Intel has been so loathe to discount.

Even more interesting is that over eight of the drives that he tracked are actually under $1 USD per gigabyte. Spinning disks are still cheaper, but the gap is closing fast.NewImage

Just look at all those drives under a dollar per gig. The higher-capacity models offer the best value in virtually every family. Although the 40-64GB variants don’t look quite so good on this scale, they have asking prices under 100 bucks.

Are you using SSDs in your setup now? If you are, take a moment to comment below this post about what caused you to make the switch. I’m still running HDDs, but my next drive will be a SSD over Thunderbolt. Let’s take a moment and discuss the pros and cons. Maybe share some Amazon links if you have any.

Source: Tech Report
Image Credit: 401K 2012

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