Spotify Getting “Airplay” Like Feature With Upcoming “Spotify Connect” Speakers

If you’re looking for a way to wirelessly stream your music from your phone to your home speakers, you now have another alternative to Bluetooth and Airplay. Spotify has announced that speaker manufacturers will soon begin to release “Spotify Connect” enabled speakers.

With Spotify Connect, users with multiple speaker setups can easily switch between devices. For example, after getting home from work, you can walk into your house and wirelessly play music off the Spotify Connect speakers that are in your living room. If you’re about to walk to your bedroom upstairs, you can simply tell the app to switch over to your bedroom and it will begin to play the music out of the Spotify Connect speaker in your room from where you left off.

Spotify has provided a list of confirmed speaker partners, including the likes of Phillips, Pioneer, Yamaha, and Denon. The feature will only be available to users with a Spotify premium membership, which will also cost you $10 a month.

Spotify says that the new service and speakers will be released sometime in the next few months, with the app coming to iOS first and Android and desktop versions to follow.

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