Slashdot got to play a preview of Diablo 3

Those lucky guys over at Slashdot had the opportunity to take Diablo 3 for a spin during Blizzcon. If there’s one game that we’ve been looking forward to this year, it’s Diablo 3. The anticipation has been off the charts for a lot of geeks and gamers.

We won’t steal Slashdot’s thunder, but their post is worth a read, and if you are even remotely interested in the game, put aside the time to read it. It’s pretty thorough for a first look review.

Soulskill’s review focuses on the Skills, Classes, Story and Lore, and PVP Battle Arenas. If you’re already excited about the release, this review certainly won’t whet the appetite. I’m more excited than I was after seeing some official game play footage when Blizzard announced the game. This game can’t ship soon enough. Between Civ 5 and Diablo 3, I might be dedicating a small chunk of my year to gaming. This could spell trouble for the site.

You can check out the review on Slashdot.

Article Via Inside Mac Games

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