Siri, Apple, Mac Became Popular Baby Names In 2012

Baby Center has released its list of most popular baby names for 2012 and along with it some interesting baby name trends that have occurred in the past year. The most interesting being the new “iBaby” trend.

For a company as influential as Apple, it’s understandable how it can influence some parents to name their child after the tech company or its products. That’s why the names Siri, Apple and Mac all increased in popularity for the year 2012. The name Apple rose 15 percent for girls for an improvement of 585 spots while the name Mac rose 12 percent for boys. Parents aspiring for their daughter to become a personal assistant had the name Siri increase in popularity by 5 percent.

We’re not too sure how we feel about naming your child after an Apple product, especially when that product is something like Siri. I want a baby that listens to me all the time, not half the time. And aren’t there far better Apple related names parents could come up with? Why not Magic Mouse, FaceTime or Mountain Lion?

Image Credit: Signs of the Times

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