Instantly Send Text And Images From Your Mac To iPhone With ‘Scribe’

Everyone’s had a moment where they’ve been on their computer and wanted to transfer some information over to their phone. Be it a couple sentences of text, a website URL, a phone number, or a picture, we often just copy and send these things to ourselves over e-mail, a rather clunky solution for the year 2014 I must say.

Scribe is an app that helps with this problem, allowing you to send snippets of text or images from your Mac to your iOS device instantly over Bluetooth. Just copy something to your Mac’s clipboard, and it will instantly be copied to your iPhone or iPad’s clipboard as well. You can also open the Scribe iOS app to see a complete list of everything you’ve recently copied.

The app requires that both your devices have Bluetooth 4.0 support. You can find a compatibility chart on Scribe’s official site.

Some limitations of the app are that you can’t send stuff to your Mac from your iOS device, and that after 10 minutes or so of inactivity you’ll have to ensure that there’s still a Bluetooth connection between your two devices.

To get everything working, all you need is Scribe from the Mac App Store, which costs $2.99, as well as its free iOS companion app. If you think it seems like a useful tool, we’d recommend checking it out.

Now, can someone tell me why AirDrop can’t do this by default? Hrmmmmm?

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