Of course Samsung is the next Apple, they stole that too

There’s a lot of stupid on the Internet. In fact, there’s a pretty awesome podcast completely dedicated to dumb things journalists say about Apple and its products. But today, an article by John Biggs over at TechCrunch, titled Why Samsung Is The Next Apple, just has to be talked about here on Macgasm.

From Biggs’ article:

Samsung, and to some extent the other vendors, have finally cracked it. For most of the past few years they’ve watched as Apple ran circles around them in terms of media sharing and remote control. Obviously Apple’s systems have been limited to iPod/iTunes/iPad/Mac but Samsung, a major player in both the white goods and the mobile markets, can now have it all.

Sorry, the only thing Samsung and its competitors have cracked is how to be the Apple of today, minus one day. The answer is to copy and steal its way to sales and market share. Samsung will never be the next Apple, but what they will be is today’s Apple because they can’t steal what Apple does in the future until Apple actually releases their products. Samsung can be the Apple of yesterday, but they can never be the Apple of tomorrow.

Read Why Samsung Is The Next Apple on TechCrunch

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