Rumor: Windows 8 Intel tablets to start at $599

599DigiTimes is reporting that Intel and Microsoft are together again, and that could mean Intel Windows 8 tablets will launch in the $599 to $899 USD price range. Here’s the nitty gritty: Intel doesn’t want to cut the price of its platform and Microsoft doesn’t want to cut the price of a license for Windows. That means that Intel-based Windows 8 tablets won’t be able to compete with the iPad on price. That leaves a larger opening for ARM-based Windows 8 tablets and notebooks to take hold:

…if Intel does not reduce its Clover Trail-W platform prices, the vendors are likely to choose ARM solutions from Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instrument’s (TI’s) for their upcoming Windows 8 tablet PC to reduce their costs.

This isn’t particularly surprising. With little exception, every tablet and phone you see today is running on ARM chips. Despite Intel’s push for low powered processors, they just aren’t getting a foothold in the ARM dominated market. As tablet and smartphone sales continue to climb rapidly, it isn’t looking promising for Intel’s future.

What do you think? Is Intel doomed as mobile platforms take over the world? Let us know what you think of this report by messaging us on Twitter. Our username is @macgasm. We want to know if you think Windows 8 Intel tablets are really going to leapfrog the iPad in price.

Source: DigiTimes

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