Rumor: 15-inch MacBook Pro to get the Air treatment

Apple may be about to release a 15-inch MacBook Air-like MacBook Pro in the near future. According to a report from Macotakara (translated), Apple has just finished testing a 15-inch portable with the same dimensions as the MacBook Air (thinner, tapered, etc). There seems to be some uncertainty about whether or not this laptop will be branded an Air instead of a MacBook Pro. Our money is on a MacBook Pro, but for no other reason than really hoping the MacBook Pro line gets the Air treatment.

It should probably be noted that there were rumors back in July that Apple had begun working on a 15-inch “Air” model, so this rumor isn’t completely new. Also, if you think this one is far-fetched, you should probably take a moment and watch the last MacBook Air Keynote. Jobs himself has been quoted as saying, “We think it’s the future of notebooks” during the unveiling of the latest MacBook Air edition.

We’re with Jobs on this one. Apple’s entire lineup will eventually look like the MacBook Air, especially once Apple can offer higher solid-state storage capacities to professionals at a reasonable price. The Air is too thin and too compact to be ignored by professionals, who in all likelihood carry their machines with them on a far more frequent basis than the average consumer.

I’ve been saying lately that my next laptop upgrade will be from my current 2009 MacBook Pro to the new MacBook Air; however, this could change everything. All things being equal, I’ll take the Pro over the Air, but as it stands, the size of the MacBook Air offers me a huge advantage over the current MacBook Pro — size.

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