Obviously the rules don’t apply to Apple’s iAd app

Most of us spend time actively trying to avoid advertising in our applications. We pay for pro versions just to avoid them. But that obviously didn’t stop Apple from releasing an application that features their iAds. While we generally avoid advertising, this is probably the first and last app that most Apple fans actually downloaded for the advertising.

We reported on the iAd app going live already, so we won’t rehash that news here. Instead just follow this link to get the details.

The funny thing is that Apple needs to spend some time reading their own App Guidelines, because the iAd application is in clear violation of their own rules. We know, Apple doesn’t have to follow their own rules, they’re exempt, it’s their App Store after all, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sit back and laugh about it.

Dan Frommer, on behalf of Business Insider, points out that section 2.13 of the guideline states, quite clearly we might add, that “Apps that are primarily marketing materials or advertisements will be rejected.” Just ask the Android Magasinet group who tried bringing an Android-centric mag to the App Store if those rules apply. They got rejected because their content was overly promotional.

Don’t get me wrong—we know Apple’s trying to show off their iAds to potential clients, and those people who are genuinely interested in the technology. Heck, we even write posts about new iAds so our readers can go check out what may be the future of advertising on digital mediums. People seem to be interested in what Apple’s pushing out, so an application makes sense any way you slice it.

That being said, we should point out goose and gander, and all that jazz.

Personally I don’t mind the app, or the double standard. iAds are innovative. Viagra and Cialis advertisment apps won’t be. It’s that simple.

Article Via Macstories

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