rooSwitch helps me keep my info separate

Have you ever used an application for a subset of tasks, and then wished you could use it for another subset of tasks, but you’re limited to one account? For instance, maybe it’s an iTunes or iPhoto library. Sometimes having information in different libraries has a host of benefits, Apple has given us the ability to do that with some applications (iPhoto), but sometimes we’re left figuring out a creative way around the problem.

Something that comes to mind for me in particular is Billings. I’m not sure why, but they only give you the ability to have one account set up at a time, and sadly all your invoices are attached to the information in that account. I can’t switch between my businesses easily, so instead of having an easy way to change between invoices with my design business information attached to it, and the Macgasm invoices we use for advertising, I’m stuck having to change all my business info on my invoices every single time I need to send out invoices from different accounts. It’s not very productive.

Enter RooSwitch. It’s a multi-user environment for an application. What it does is create a new blank database for you so that you can switch between them, and maximize your time spent in one, and then switch back when you’re done. Sounds like an application that might lend itself well to my application recommendation from this morning. There’s not really much to write about other than that, but I have been finding it super useful, so I decided to pass it along. If you have any app recommendations we’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Image Credit: Joriel “Joz” Jimenez

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