Road Movie: Finally a possible Visualhub replacement

The day Visualhub died, I was deeply saddened. A great indie developer was pulling the plug on an excellent product. I’ve spent a lot of time scouring the internet for an application that could replace it. Nothing really filled the shoes of Visualhub. It was one of those things that your mother talked to you about as a kid–it’s hard to fill a great application’s shoes, and you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone (two for one deal on cliche). We talked yesterday about ripping videos on our podcast and today I found an interesting alternative that boasts some pretty bold claims. It’s called ‘Road Movie‘, and it acts a lot like Visualhub. You drag video into it, and you convert away. You can get it from the bitfield groups site.

It has an amazing feature set, and looks like it could be a real replacement for Visualhub, and it has a pretty sleek interface.

Features include:

  • Add/Edit Metadata
  • Smart Metadata by parsing the filename.
  • Add/Edit Chapters
  • Tracks Inspector
  • Batch encoding
  • Supports Elgato Turbo.264
  • Built-in encoder Presets
  • Presets for Apple TV, Cellphone, iPhone, iPod, PSP and Web and more…
  • Presets for PS3 and Nintendo Wii (NEW!!!)
  • Customize your own set of Presets
  • Upload to FTP, SFTP, .Mac, WebDav or Amazon S3
  • YouTube uploading
  • Automatically add to iTunes
  • Create and manage Destinations
  • iDisk support in one click
  • Built for 10.5 Leopard
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