RIM Wants to Join Apple in the Mobile Ad Sandbox

RIM wants to keep up with its competitors, so it is reportedly looking for an acquisition target in the mobile space according to The Wall Street Journal. Millenial Media, a mobile ad provider, has recently been named target; though Wall Street also states that this process has been stalled due to disagreements between RIM and Millenial Media for a purchase price.

RIM also believes that its competitors, Apple and Google, overpaid for their own mobile ad platform, and are not willing to go the same route. That said, Apple’s purchase of Quattro Wireless was for an undisclosed price.

I honestly think this is a bad move for RIM. I mean, people are already becoming hesitant about purchasing a Blackberry phone, and adding a bunch of ads to the platform is just going to make it worse. They should just focus on making their products the best that they can, and worry about something more important — like new features and design.

What do you think? Are you okay with having your mobile phone filled with (probably ugly) ads?

Article via PCWorld.

Image via techworlduk.

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