RIM is hoping for a Samsung purchase

Oh, man. RIM stories are just getting sadder by the day. Today, Jonathan S. Geller at Boy Genius Report is claiming that a trusted source says that not only is RIM looking to sell either some divisions or their whole company, but they are favoring a purchase by Samsung. That said, nothing is done yet because RIM’s doublemint twins CEOs are asking for a substantial amount from the company according to reports.

We have heard the company is looking for more than $10 billion for a full sale, likely somewhere in the $12 billion to $15 billion range, or between approximately $22.90 and $28.60 per share. RIM’s market capitalization currently sits at about $8.5 billion, though several analysts think that even $8.5 billion is more than an interested party would consider bidding at the moment.

Truth be told, incorporating Blackberry branding and services into Android-based phones would be an interesting move from a company like Samsung. Instead of being hamstrung by Blackberry OS, just glue their (in)famous email backend and messaging service to stock Android. Bam! Now you have a phone that isn’t just a direct photocopy of an Apple phone. That would certainly be a step up for Samsung.

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Source: BGR

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