Review: AT&T myWireless Mobile

AT&T myWireless Mobile is a great app for all iPhone users (in the US) on the go. Pay your bill from the train, stuck in traffic, or even add more minutes just so you don’t go over that dreadful limit. You now have the ability to check every usage stat from your monthly bill, right from your handheld device!

What You’re Getting

It’s fairly simple. Just login to the app (or sign up for free) and boom! Right from the get go you’re able to view and pay your bill, look over your data usage, and look at more features you might want to add! This is definitely great especially if you think you’ve forgotten to setup ‘auto-pay’ or maybe if you’ve just forgotten to send in a payment and you’re too close to the due date to get one in. Just sign on here and in a few quick minutes your bill can be paid and you can keep on texting and calling!

The Best Feature

The best is definitely the ability to pay right from your phone. This is a service that is starting to come around to other smart phones with their “apps”. I’m not sure if AT&T was the first to put this out but it’s definitely the best out there and it makes life so much easier!

Looking to the Future!

There’s not much to add from here. You can upgrade your plan, downgrade, pay your bill, keep tabs on your plan’s usage. Maybe if you’re able to order a new phone or get “Push” notifications when your bill is due. I think if you can set timers to alarm 10 days-a week in advance of your due date, then you can have an easier time with it.

The Just of It

You definitely need this “FREE” app if you’re an AT&T iPhone user. When it comes you actually using and paying for your services this makes things so much more easy. I can’t recommend it enough. You don’t even need to install it on your iPhone, it works just as well on an iPod. So if you’ve just got a regular old cell phone, you can install this app on the iPod touch and pay your bill when you have Wi-Fi coverage!

You can download the app here.

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