Reddit for the iPhone.

I have a secret crush on Reddit. I don’t tell many people about it because most of the people I know frequent Digg daily. I prefer the community over at Reddit. When I got word that the Reddit team was releasing an iPhone application I was pretty stoked about it.

A lot of the comments in the Apple store talk about how buggy and crappy the application is compared to most of the other iPhone applications. I don’t get the logic. I’ve yet to download an application from the AppStore that doesn’t crap out on my at least once. Seriously, every single one of them, at some point or another just dies for no reason at all–it has led me to think it’s more the phone than the individual applications. Reddit is no different, and has crashed a little bit more frequently for me. It works amazing on the 3G and Edge networks I’ve been on over the last couple of days, but for some reason when I’m on a wireless network the application chokes on itself occasionally. It’s annoying, but it’s far from a deal breaker. Safari dies on me almost every single time I use it, but I still keep going back to it to surf the web. I’ll probably still keep going back to Reddit’s iPhone application to get my tech news as well.

The site acts in exactly the same way as the website–you pick your category and you get a listing of the most popular stories. You can vote them up and vote them down, comment on them, bookmark the story, and open the stories in Safari.

They’ve also added a nifty little feature that acts more like stumbleupon, than it does reddit. The refer to as ‘Serendipity’, and I find myself using it when I’m trying to kill some time. How does it work? At any moment , while in the Reddit application, you can just start shaking your iPhone. The program then goes and finds an interesting link for you. Loads the page, and away you go. You might look ridiculous when you’re riding the bus to work in the morning, trying to get your internet fix before your nazi of a boss ruins your day yet again, but, it is well worth it and it’s fun as hell and addicting. You can check out the Reddit team’s official review in the Youtube clip below

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