Get ready for a 16 core Mac Pro

With Apple releasing the new Final Cut Pro this week, there’s been some complaints about the older Mac Pros not running the bundle as optimally as many hoped. So, if you’re in the market for a new Mac Pro, and you’re about to run out to the Apple store with your credit card in tow, hold up. We’ve got news for you.

Apple’s apparently getting ready to unleash brand new Mac Pro models, including a 16 core Mac Pro, alongside new 8 core and 12 core models.

It’s being assumed that Apple will release the new models in late July or early August, according to anonymous sources over at 9to5 Mac. They’re also expecting that the update could be fairly substantial, based on claims from an Apple executive, who also remains anonymous.

The Mac Pro lineup has not had much of a refresh in quite a while, outside of specification bumps here and there. The case has remained the same since the Power Mac G5, which was released back in August of 2006. There have been rumours that the Mac Pro could get a slimmer design, and also be rack-mountable moving forward, although, we haven’t heard much more on that front since the original rumors surfaced months ago. We’d also assume that any new Mac that ships at this point, including the new Mac Pro, will come complete with Thunderbolt.

Via: The Next Web
Source: 9to5 Mac
Photo Credit: swanksalot

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