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At this point everyone’s waiting for WWDC like they’ve slammed three espressos and there’s a line for the bathroom. We did get some news directly from Apple, when Tim Cook spoke at the D11 Conference. There was a new product announced, a new camera-less iPod touch. For music fans, Apple launched the site and announced artists for this year’s iTunes Festival. In what is likely Apple digging in after Tim Cook’s visit to the Senate, the company is reported to double its spending on Lobbyists. The rumor front may have officially moved to the fantasy side of the border, when the iPhone 5S was reported to have double the current pixels of the iPhone 5.

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One platform: how the Xbox One could change everything at Microsoft/

Tom Warren hypothesizes that the Xbox One is the beginning of Microsoft’s one platform model, and that one day it may surpass the Windows brand itself.

Why the HTML5 Standard Fight Matters | Electronic Frontier Foundation

The EFF explains why DRM should not be build into HTML 5.

The Argument Isn’t Skeuomorphic vs. Flat

Todd Burton on Medium explains why the debate over design needs to be about more than style.

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai Is Focused on ‘Sonyness’

Harry McCracken interviews Sony’s CEO about what his plans are for the once great electronics giant.

The Controversial Topics of Wikipedia

More meta-analysis of Wikipedia: Samuel Arbesman looks at some research that shows what topic across languages draw the biggest battles in Wikipedia edit wars.

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