Ramen Bowl With Built-In iPhone Dock Takes The Loneliness Out Of Eating

It seems like you can dock your iPhone into anything nowadays — your car, your radio, your potty. It’s actually a surprise that it has taken this long for docking technology to reach our dishware.

The Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl (yes that is its name) is a ramen bowl designed to hold your iPhone while you, you know, eat your ramen. The bowl holds your iPhone in place vertically to allow you to browse through websites such as Facebook so that you don’t experience the cold feeling of loneliness while eating your nice hot noodles. The bowl is being made by the Japanese company Miso Soup Design, which has yet to give an official release date or price for the product.

For anyone shaking in anticipation, the company is beginning to take pre-orders for the product, which they say should arrive around April or May. If you want to make a pre-order, Miso Soup Design says you must send them a private message on Facebook telling them you’re interested in pre-ordering.

It might still be another year or so until we start getting docks on our spoons and cutlery.

Image Credit: CNET

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