RadioShack Offers $50 iPhone 5 And 4S Discounts

If you’re looking for a deal on an iPhone 4S or 5, RadioShack has you covered. The Shack has started to offer $50 discounts on the purchase of any new iPhone 4S or 5. You can receive this discount on any official U.S. carrier of your choice. RadioShack has also started another promotion that gives customers $10 off of every $50 spent in-store. So if you’re looking to purchase a case and speaker dock with your brand new iPhone 5, now’s the time to do so.

If you want a bit more cash off of your iPhone purchase, you can trade-in your old iPhone at RadioShack for a minimum of $195 for your used iPhone 4S. RadioShack is also price matching on-contract iPhone 5s if found at a lower price elsewhere. This is by far one of the best iPhone 5 deals we’ve found thus far. If you’d rather avoid RadioShack, Best Buy is offering a similar deal while AT&T has thrown a variety of refurbished iPhone 5s on its online store.

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