Possible Issues with Mac OS X 10.5.7 update

The recent update to 10.5.7 has improved OS X Server more than quite a bit. Some of the issues that were fixed for me are:

  • extremely long login times.
  • Before 10.5.7 it would take upwards of 5 minutes to actually load up the login window and subsequently login. So, I’m definitely glad about this.

Despite the positive impact that 10.5.7 update has had on my server. It has also has caused a few issues.

  • Growl doesn’t always open.
  • Sometimes GrowlTunes doesn’t always open, or if it does open, it will crash at some point and I have to re-open it.

  • Firefox Crashing
  • Firefox crashes for no apparent reason. So I tried re-installing it, to no avail. The funniest part is that as soon as I re-installed it, it crashed.

  • Mail server doesn’t accept my password
  • I run a mail server locally just so I can get any e-mails about updates and if I need to test mail functions within things I’m working on. However, now I cannot connect to my server because it says that I do not have the correct password, when I know it is correct. So who knows what Apple broke here.

Now, nobody can expect absolutely everything to work 100% of the time, but breaking your own mail server shouldn’t be one of the things that you break. I think as though Mozilla will need to come out with an update in order to be able to fix the crashing. It’s nothing that is the absolute end of the world, but for most it would be prudent to wait until there has been through testing to verify that everything will work as expected.

If you have found any issues, let us know. Additionally, if you have found any fixes for issues you were having, also let us know.

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