Ten One releases Pogo Sketch Pro , other stylus makers put on notice

When I think iPad stylus, I immediately think Ten One. The original Pogo Sketch has pretty much dominated the stylus space since its release. Now the New Jersey based company has stepped it up and is offering a stylus catering to artists and design professionals with the Pogo Sketch Pro.

Machined from a single piece of Aluminum, the Pogo Sketch Pro is ergonomically designed for people that require precision and comfort. It ships with two removable tip options and a cushy rubber grip to keep your hands from cramping during those long renders! The company also states they will be releasing a small pack of additional tips that will go on sale in October.

When a company can sit back and refine a product as simple as a stylus to near perfection, it really shows a dedication for beautiful design, and not settling. Tablet computers are the natural next step, and are going no where. Interfacing with them comfortably and ergonomically is really important as the paradigm shifts. Ten One seems to “get it”, and their attention to the most minute details prove this.

The Pogo Sketch Pro is available immediately for $24.95 from the Ten One website, and as of this writing is currently in stock.

Ten One takes a refreshing approach to design, building each of its products from the ground up. They admit that their designs typically start as rudimentary sketches on paper, which they then refine with the use of 3D Printers for rapid prototyping.

Features that go a long way with me when selecting the companies I care to do business with are their culture and core values. A snippet from the “About” section of Ten One’s website closes the deal for me:

Ten One Design is a design firm based in Montclair, NJ.  We’re trying to make your life awesome.

Hop over to Ten One to purchase your Pogo Sketch Pro.

Via: TiPb

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