Pixelmator 1.6 on route with 64-bit support.

We love Pixelmator around here. A lot of the graphics spend time going through the paces in Pixelmator at one point or another. It’s not that Photoshop is crap, it’s that Pixelmator loads a lot quicker than the competition. On a system that has three or four major applications open at a time, having to designate more system resources to Photoshop means having to close out something else.

There will always be a place for Photoshop in our work flow, but Pixelmator is becoming our go to application for quick image edits. Things are about to get a lot quicker, because version 1.6 will come with 64-bit support.

The Pixelmator team has also added watermarking support with Automater, which is going to be mighty handy for anyone working with images on the web. It’s also interesting to note that Pixelmator sees their core audience as the Prosumer customer. There are a number of features that aren’t as easily done in Pixelmator as they are in Photoshop, but when you stop and think about the amount of time Pixelmator has been on the market it’s awfully exciting to see what they’ve been able to do in a couple of years worth of work.

We look forward to the free 1.6 update. Once the application ships on July 13th, we’ll be sure to let you know what our thoughts are on the updated version. Until then, it sounds like a real doozy of an update.

Article Via The Loop

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