Ping gets world premiere of Michael Jackson’s “Much Too Soon”

The posthumous album by Michael Jackson simply titled “Michael” will be coming out on December 14th. In advance of its release date, several singles have been made available in the last few weeks, starting with “Breaking News,” then “Hold My Hand,” a duet with Akon recorded in 2007. Now the latest is a song called “Much Too Soon,” which was written around the time of Thriller, but never released.

“Michael always liked the song and would pull it back out of the vaults for each subsequent album project but never found the right home for it; on the new album it finds its place as the bittersweet closing to the stellar collection,” reads the press release. The worldwide premiere of this single is happening through Michael Jackson’s artist profile page on Ping, and you can stream the whole song in its entirety from there. It will be available for one week exclusively on Ping. That’s right, Ping.

Well, kudos to Apple and the Ping team for getting this exclusive, because it’s sure to drive some traffic and sign ups to Ping. Any time you can get an exclusive, it’s a big win. First it was the Beatles, now it’s MJ with exclusives for iTunes and Ping. For those who are calling Ping a flop, I think time will tell. They are certainly making moves in the right direction.

Article Via Gizmodo
Photo Credit: Ping

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