Owners of 2011 MacBook Pros report Home Sharing issues

Numerous owners of the latest 2011 MacBook Pros are reporting that the machines are unable to use Home Sharing. According to recent discussions in an Apple support thread,┬áthe problem seems to be persisting, in spite of two recent iTunes updates, 10.2 and then 10.2.1. Amazingly, one user said they were onto their 3rd MacBook Pro in the space of a week. Here’s what that user had to say:

“I am having major problems with home sharing on my NEW loaded up 2011 Mac Book Pro. I am VERY frustrated. They have replaced it twice already and I am on my 3rd one in a week. No, I am not kidding. The folks at the Apple store were/are stumped”

The problem doesn’t seem to be affecting just Home Sharing, either. Users are reporting issues with the Remote App for the iPhone, as well as wireless printing. Some users have bypassed the issue, only for it to rear its head soon after. I can only imagine the frustration users are feeling after forking out so much money on a new, ultra-fast MacBook Pro, especially seeing as Home Sharing on the iPhone has been a fantastic addition, and I use it all the time to stream music from my Mac while I’m doing things around the house.

Reading through the threads, it seems that Apple has acknowledged the issue, and my bet is that Apple software engineers will be working around the clock until the cause is known.

Have you got a 2011 MacBook Pro? Do you have the same issues? Let us know in the comments.

Article Via Apple Insider
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