Original Mirror’s Edge coming to the Mac

It’s not too often that you find information about video games in a legal brief, but it happened today. In court documents filed on 10/1/2010 by Edge Games, Inc against Electronic Arts, Inc., we find that Mirror’s Edge is coming to the Mac, directly from the horse’s mouth.

On page 5 of the filing it is noted that “a Mac version of the original “Mirror’s Edge” video game is currently under development and is slated for release later this year.” There are no other specifics mentioned in the document, so it looks like we’ll be waiting to hear about a release date sometime in the near future.

A Mac release makes sense, considering Mirror’s Edge is available on iOS devices already. We’re pretty excited about the news, having never played the original Mirror’s Edge on any platform. I know – I should probably feel some shame for that.

Article Via iGamerRadio

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