O’Reilly brings books to the iBookstore

Finally, major book publishers are starting to figure out that their books should be in the iBookstore and not the App Store. If there’s one thing that’s been driving me nuts, it’s wanting to buy a book in the iBookstore, only to find out that it’s missing, and instead, available in the App Store.

O’Reilly has been guilty of this, at least until today. They’ve finally made the appropriate arrangements to get their publications into the iBookstore. As of now, you will have access to some 600 titles in the iBookstore, along with some others from Microsoft Press.

The books, currently available in the US and Canada, seem to carry a hefty price tag, ranging from $11.99 to $54.99. There does seem to be a discount for digital purchases over paper books. The Junos Security book is $54.99 on the iBookstore, and $67.49 on Amazon. Other titles also show a similar discount applied to the iBookstore version, which is nice to see.

It looks like I’ll be making purchases directly from the iBookstore, instead of Amazon now. Any time I can save bookshelf space, it’s a huge plus.

Now that O’Reilly and Wiley & Sons have books on the iBookstore, I’ll probably be buying a lot more books digitally over the paper editions.  I’d also love to see magazines and other print-based application be reorganized into the iBookstore.  It’s a little bit absurd that Wired, and other new-wave digital magazines, are in the App Store over the iBookstore.  In my opinion, anything that has a print-based equivalent should be featured in the iBookstore.

Article Via TechCrunch

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