Opera Releases ‘Coast’, New Browser Exclusive To iPad

If you’re looking for an alternative to Safari on your iPad, perhaps you should try Opera’s new browser “Coast”.

Coast is an iPad-only browser developed by the popular Norwegian browser company Opera. The browser is focused on doing away with traditional design and instead focuses on a minimalist UI and uses almost exclusively gestures to control the app.

Coast also heavily uses animations to make browsing the web feel more like you’re navigating through a variety of apps. The only two buttons in Coast are one that brings you to your history, and one that brings you to your recently visited pages. Beyond that, almost everything is gesture based.

The browser is a nice change for someone looking for something a little different. It presents web pages in full unobstructed views which makes web browsing a much more pleasant experience, although it sacrifices a bit of usability at the same time.

If you’re interested in trying it out, download it for free here on the App Store. If you need to get a little more hyped up about Coast, check out this overly dramatic trailer from Opera below.

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