Opera 11.5 brings Speed Dial, speedy browsing and clean design

News from the Opera 11 camp today tells us that the latest rollout, 11.5, introduces some interesting features. While Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox are off copying each other, Opera’s happy to do things a little differently. Just a little, mind you. There’s no drastic overhaul.

The new version brings:

  • Speed Dial
  • Password synchronization
  • A new design
  • Loading time improvements

On the surface, the above doesn’t exactly thrill you to the core, but Speed Dial’s an intriguing take on the bookmarks bar. It’s a combination of both a grid view of your favourite sites, and widgets with options like Stocks and Weather updating in real time.

The rest is pretty self explanatory, and it now supports HTML 5. It’s available for download over at the official website. There’s no update on the iOS version though. That’s still stuck at 6.0.

Via Business Insider
Image Credit: Helen Hau

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