One Billion People Now Use Smartphones

There are now one billion smartphone users in the world. That’s 1 in 7 people. And, by 2015, this number is expected to double according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

In Q3 of last year, there were 708 million of us. This year, we’re up to 1.038 million. Spurred by Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Andoid also makes up a significant portion. No surprise that BlackBerry is quickly losing marketshare.

Analyst Scott Bicheno says that even looking forward to 2017, Android and Apple iOS will remain dominant. However, he forecasts that Microsoft will consistently gain its share as they mature and “fatigue sets in with the incumbent platform leaders”.

Let’s put this in perspective though. There are still 6 billion people in the world who have yet to own a smartphone. We’re talking about people in huge emerging markets like China, India and Africa. Growth will be exponential and happen much faster than the 16 years it took to reach 1 billion.

How about a little trip down memory lane? The world’s first modern smartphone was the _________?
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