Odd Apple Stuff: Apple Jewelry

Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend didn’t know me. I’m not saying that I’ve turned them away but you can capture my heart just as easily with any of these. Look at these little retro Apple Logo studs by recyclejazz. These little guys were rescued from old discarded Macs. For $23.99 you can wear a piece of Apple’s history. Buy these for the geek in your life, or maybe for some Macgasm writer that you appreciate.

Look at the detail on this! This piece is also upcycled Mac parts by Re-stArt Jewelry. All pieces are one of kind little geeky pieces of art. I think this is a steal at $25.

How about some Mac keyboard earrings that make a statement? TekChick Designs uses old computer keyboard keys to make her saucy earrings. Best part, she’s only 13! These “I Quit” earrings can be purchased from Dr. Bott for $12.95.

In keeping with the current upcycling theme, I bring you power button ring by Re-stArt for $25; power button earrings by Creative Dexterity for $75; power button necklace by Keyed Up for $20; and BAMMMMMMM power button cufflinks by Creative Dexterity for $120, because you’ve got to COORDINATE. Yep, I just did all that just so I could use a quote from the movie Boomerang.

Want something a bit geekier? How about a power button necklace that glows like your sleeping Mac? All the ladies at Macgasm have them, shouldn’t you? Thinkgeek has them for $74.99.

Here’s another one from my personal jewelry collection. It’s a delicate circuit board design in a heart shape from Thinkgeek for $54.99. I’ve verified that it’s a 2010 circuit pattern from a MacBook Pro (that’s a lie, I just like this necklace).

How cute are these tiny little command symbol earrings? These are from rozzle and will only set you back $20. Once again these would make the perfect gift for your favorite Macgasm writer. Actually these might be too petite for Joshua Schnell.

I fell in love with pixelparty’s Etsy shop. All sorts of 8-bit cuteness and very affordable. At only $9 a pop, I’m thinking about buying these Sad Mac pins for every service technician in my shop.

Hope you like my finds. If you come across anything that makes you say WTF and think it is worthy of being considered for this “Odd Apple Stuff” series, shoot me an email at marilyn@macgasm.net and we’ll feature it!

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