Obama Campaign Releases iOS App To Help Get Votes

With elections drawing near in the US, candidates are doing everything they can to get more votes. Barack Obama’s latest campaign push comes in the form of an iOS app called “Obama for America” that has tools and information for volunteers, voters, and Obama campaign supporters, including nearby events, Obama’s accomplishments, and voter registration. The app is currently only for iOS, but an Android version is reportedly coming soon.

In 2008, Obama released his first iPhone app that used GPS, which was new at the time, to find local campaign offices. And Obama’s not the only one to take his campaign to smartphones: Mitt Romney also released an iPhone app in May, “With Mitt.”

So what exactly does Obama’s app provide?

  • Get the facts: Find out how President Obama’s policies are helping people in your community, and get the most up-to-date info about the President’s accomplishments.
  • Find events: Track what’s happening near you, RSVP and invite friends, and get there on time with full map integration.
  • Share breaking news: Stay in the loop with important updates, and use Facebook, Twitter, email and text messaging to spread the word to your friends.
  • Take action: Sign up to volunteer, join a local team, and talk to your neighbors about why you support President Obama.
  • Get out the vote: Access voting and registration rules for your state, help register friends, and make sure supporters get to the polls on Election Day.

Source: Apple and AllThingsD
Image Credit: AllThingsD

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