Notify yourself. Get Google Mail (Gmail) updates instantly.

Some people just use Google’s mail services for everything-work, pleasure, play–so using is usually not required.  Frankly I prefer, but who am I to judge.  Clearly there’s a ton of people out there who just need an email notifier for their menu bar, or Notify wouldn’t exist.  I actually gave it a go and to be honest, it has me rethinking my paradigm for using my personal Gmail accounts.  I mean knowing that I’ve been beat down in Mafia Wars is of the utmost importance to me.

Notify is slick and simple, it lets you know if you have unread mail, and it lets you know the instant they come in. That makes it a little easier to keep on top of a Gmail account if you ask me.  If you find yourself getting annoyed at logging into Gmail only to find that nothing’s in your inbox then you need this app, it’s free, and it’s great.

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