Note on our advertising method, and a thanks to our advertisers

If it wasn’t for these guys, we’d have a hard time paying our hosting bill. We’re truly blessed to be able to do the things we love, and not have to shell out of pocket for our hosting.

If you’re not aware of how we run our advertising program on the site, let me elaborate a little bit. We don’t just take anyone. We actually go out and track down the advertisements ourselves, and we only approach companies that we love. We think of our advertisements more as paid endorsements for products we love. It’s a little naive, but we really believe it’s a more effective form of advertising.

Were not sure how it’ll play out in the future as our expenses start to balloon, but it’s how we plan on doing things for a while.

That being said…

Huge props goes to Avatron, as well as the AirSharing Pro team.

I not only love this app, but I’ve been using it since it was first released. It really has been the goto application for getting documents and files to my phone. If you’re looking for an application that lets you use your iPhone as a file storage device you need to check out their app.

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