Not Totally Thrilled With MacWorld

Well well well Steven… It appears as though you are running low on ideas? Well, I think and hope that the Keynote was not setting the tone for the rest of the “Apple Year” you know, the time from Keynote to Keynote? I like the Time Capsule but as most of the new introductions did, it seems that they gave us something that we didn’t absolutely need or that was an obvious flaw in Apple’s release product and needed fixing.I don’t mean to sound bitter over the whole thing but it does seem a bit mild. So instead of dwelling on the mild negatives I want to discuss the MacBook Air!

First of all WOW! The dimensions on this thing are just awesome. If anything the notebook will be great for travelling photographers to quickly get their pictures on a computer just to be safe. My opinion on the Air has changed several times but I have come to the decision that I like it… A lot. The LED backlighting is great because I find it really annoying when I open up my computer and see the screen flash on the off then on again. On the other hand if I had to choose an absolute favorite feature it would be the back lit keyboard. I use my computer on long trips a lot (another great thing about the Air) and when it gets dark I really wish my keys were back lit. On the topic of input devices however, the machine looks a little underdone as fas as the ports go. There is not a FireWire port to be seen which is a huge downfall for me. The singe usb port however is no problem though, just get a hub. They are really inexpensive. All in all the design and features are great! The only other dilemma that i had was, “what is Apple’s target market with this product”?

At first this seemed like a valid question to me. Then I decided that the Air was looking like a product targeted at the businessperson of sorts. The back lit keyboard is great in meetings for note taking and maybe even giving Powerpoints Keynotes. The small size is for people who fly alot. The wireless optical drives are simple to figure out. If you’re in an office you most likely have other computers containing optical drives. And there is the fact that Apple has been promoting Office from Microsoft for OSX left and right. Either Apple is trying to make their way into the business market or they have some contract with Microsoft to promote the heck out of Office like in ’98.

Way To Go Apple!? Possibly