No button is safe at Apple. Light buttons patented?

It’s no secret that Apple, Inc. hates buttons. If they could get rid of a button they would. They’ve taken heat over the years for the one button mouse, and now even that’s extinct with the creation of the magic mouse. Add in the removal of a dedicated button on the entire laptop line and you’ve got yourself a full genocide against buttons over at Apple, Inc.

A new patent filed by Apple, Inc. highlights some interesting concepts for next generation device control systems. The patent included “Micro-Perforations” that allow light to form the device control system.

Patently Apple suggests that the new system would work in ways that the current iPhone system doesn’t allow. Notably, the ability to activate the button while wearing a non-conductive glove. The patent also blatantly states that the new technology could completely replace the trackpad available on all portable Mac products.

If you thought Apple products were heavenly to begin with, you may be surprised just how heavenly they’ll look when they’re blasting ambient light at you.

Article Via PatentlyApple

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