Nintendo is eyeing Apple’s AppStore

It was only a matter of time until large gaming platforms started to feel a little bit threatened by Apple’s AppStore. Much like how Xbox Microsoft and Sony initially overlooked the Wii because they thought of it as a different type of console, all three of the big gaming companies have similarly overlooked Apple’s AppStore. Now they are starting to get a little bit worried.

Reports are circulating that top Nintendo executives have been banging the war drum, and chanting that Apple’s the “enemy of the future.” It’s hard to blame them. With the immense success of the AppStore, the popularity of their mobile platforms, and the announcement of Game Center, Apple’s embracing their success and preparing for a future in gaming. It may not be what they set out to do, but they have slowly backed into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Now, Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices are preparing to battle the Nintendo DS. Even though the DS has a huge following, and is by far the most successful handheld gaming machine today, Nintendo is smart to keep an eye on newcomers to the industry.

AppleInsider is reporting that Nintendo’s most significant demographics, high school girls and men 30-40, are starting to eye iPhones a little bit more than in the past.

We’re pretty excited to see how this all plays out. When it comes to gaming consoles, we’re pretty split down the middle here at Macgasm, but we all pretty much agree: the more gaming platforms available, the better it’ll be for consumers.

Article Via AppleInsider

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