News Roundup 6/15: Apple Opens Store In Only Neighborhood Where Apple Watch Edition Is Cheap

I hate to say it, but we may be in a bit of a lull for news until the rumor mill files back up, or the beta of OS X next month. We still have some cool news for you, including a bit of gaming news for the ten of us who play games on our macs.


New New York Apple Store

No, Apple isn’t sponsoring another run at reviving Futurama. Instead Apple’s opening yet another store in New York City. This time in the heart of the Upper East side. According to Recode Angela Ahrendts was onsite for the opening, smoothing things over after a lawsuit contested the store’s location in the upscale neighborhood.


Safari Content Blockers From the Horses Mouth

There has been a lot of hand wringing about the upcoming content blockers in Safari. The Webkit team has given the first look at how these filters are going to work, and that they are focused on products that protect privacy. Take a look at the doc here.


Apple and Privacy

There are always a lot of think pieces about what Apple’s new focus on privacy means. Walt Mossberg at Recode usually has some interesting sources inside Apple that give his theories a bit more weight. His excellent essay about Apple pitching privacy as a feature of their products is a must read.

He points out that while Apple is doing a good job of making software that protects your privacy, they partner with Google and Microsoft for searches that track users. So while Apple can push that it’s being secure about your information, they’re in an industry that runs on customer information.


Mac Gamers Getting Betas

Defense Of The Ancients 2 is a MOBA, the second biggest game in genre behind League of Legends. The game is getting a huge update that is finally nearing beta, and Mac gamers are going to get a chance at the beta. iMore has more details on the changes in the new beta.


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