New Product Tuesday: iPhone and iPod Touch updates.

Apple released, without announcement, updates to both the iPhone and iPod Touch. Today the capacities of both items have been doubled. For the iPhone, you now have two options, 8GB for the $399 price, and 16GB for $499. This is a great, and somewhat unexpected change, for the iPhone. It does however seem a bit odd that Apple has released a second version considering that they dropped the 4GB Model back in September to focus on the 8GB version of the iPhone.

The iPod Touch also got a memory bump. You now have 3 versions to choose from. The 8GB Model for $299, the 16GB Model for $399 and the new 32GB Model for $499. This is a good move by Apple, since the price of NAND flash is dropping allowing for higher capacities for the same price. This is good news for everyone looking for purchasing a new iPod or those looking to buy an iPhone (or upgrade their Limited Edition 4GB Version).

And still no Apple TV update yet :(

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