Nerd proposal of a lifetime: iPhone surveillance, Central Park

Have you ever been to Central Park in New York City? It’s home to sprawling meadows, ponds, a John Lennon memorial, and even a castle. Not surprisingly, Central Park is center stage in many romantic moments in film, as well as real life.

Take October 24, 2010 for example. Frank proposed to his girlfriend Kasey on one of Central Park’s most-traveled bridges. To pull it off, he assembled a crack team of friends on iPhones and MacBook Pros to cue up a band playing Kasey’s favorite song—and to record the whole thing.

She said yes! (Of course… who wouldn’t?) Check it out in the video below (and if you’re male, take notes!)

Article Via The iPhone Guru

Photo Credit: Jazz Hostels

Thanks to Brianna for sending it in.

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