Naperville Apple Store gets robbed, again.

Breaking News Chicago has reported that two idiots smashed their way into a Naperville Apple Store and cleared out $30,000 in merchandise. In typical Apple Store robbery fashion, the robbers donned ski masks, gloves, and carried containers. They filled the containers with as much as they could before they took off.

Naperville police have no idea who jacked the loot, and they’re asking people to call two hotlines if they have information. Oh yeah, this isn’t the first time the Naperville Apple Store has been robbed either. Back in September, $24,000 in merchandise was stolen in a smash and grab.

I wonder if the police have called Apple yet. What the heck is the point of “Find my iPhone” if it’s not being used to track down stolen goods? If the Australians can dispatch a helicopter unit and use Find My iPhone to find a stolen iPhone, why can’t the Naperville police? I’m sure the Navy could lend them a Blackhawk helicopter.

On that note, does Apple even use Find My iPhone/iPod on their store devices? It sure would make a great anti-theft device if they did. It’s not like Apple doesn’t see a store get robbed every now and then.

Article Via Breaking News Chicago

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