What about me? MobileMe

    With all this WWDC talk about Snow Leopard and the new iPhone OS and iPhone 3GS, one service has gone unnoticed. Now I know a lot of people could care less about MobileMe, but I am a MobileMe user and love it. I have never had an issue with it. I think Apple has gone and even made the MobileMe service even more useful than ever now if you own an iPhone.

    The first new feature is “Find my iPhone”. This can come in handy for several things. First if you have misplaced or left your iPhone somewhere, you will now have the ability to locate it. This is done through the MobileMe website. You will get a view of your iPhone’s location on a map and be able to see where it is. You will also be able to send a message or sound to your phone with this service. So if someone has found your iPhone, they can see the message that you send with contact information for you. If you happen to misplace your iPhone in your own home, you can send a sound alert and track it by sound in your home. This works with your sound on or off! If you are like me at all, you have misplaced your iPhone in your house while it is on vibrate a few times.

    Next is “Remote Wipe”. This really falls under Locating your iPhone, but I feel it deserved its own spotlight. So you have lost your iPhone and you have important things on it or have no hope of getting it back. Now through MobileMe you have the ability to completely wipe your iPhone with out having it in front of you. So if you use your iPhone for work and have some client info on it or phone numbers of famous people, you can now wipe it and keep all that info safe.

    And finally we have Mobile iDisk. Mobile iDisk will be an iPhone app from apple that allows you to see your iDisk from your iPhone. This is very handy if you keep a lot of important notes on your iDisk. You can view several file types on your iPhone in this app as well. If you have friends or colleagues that use MobileMe and they have a public folder in use, you can view that with their permission from your iPhone as well. This is something I have been wanting from apple for a long time.

    A side note to the iDisk app. Last week I reviewed Airsharing pro that enables this. I still stand behind AirSharing Pro. However I feel that Avatron my have opened apples eyes to see that people want this functionality.

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