There’s a new MobileMe layout

During the wee hours of the night, Apple Inc. was working hard at updating MobileMe, and bringing MobileMe out of beta. Previously, only certain MobileMe members had access to the new layout, but now everyone can access the sleek looking web mail interface.

What’s new in this version?

Widescreen and compact views, mail rules, single click archiving, support for external email addresses, and improved junk mail filtering.

The idea of being able to import all your Google Apps accounts into MobileMe is pretty enticing. We were secretly hoping that this update would have brought along with an updated pricing scheme along the lines of the rumored “free” we’ve all been hearing about. Unfortunately it didn’t, maybe we’ll see it at the same time as the streaming iTunes service. Or, never. Either way, MobileMe just took a small step forward today.

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