Microsoft’s testing the iOS waters with OneNote

Some serious crow must have been eaten at the last Microsoft executive meeting: Microsoft has released an iOS app based on an Office application. It’s not a full fledged Office like everyone hoped, but OneNote has made an appearance in the App Store today.

The application is currently free on the App Store, but it will be available for a price in the future.

The note-taking application is not present in the Office: Mac bundle, but its inclusion in the App Store might signal a change in philosophy in Redmond when it comes to Apple products.

Microsoft Office unit Vice President Takeshi Numoto had this to say about the move:

Whether it’s on a PC or Mac, a mobile phone or online through the Web Apps on multiple browsers, we continue to bring Office to the devices, platforms, and operating systems our customers are using. It should be about the ideas and information, not the device, right?

I really hope that this is a signal of things to come. As much as we give Google and Microsoft a hard time on this blog, we’d prefer to see these companies working together. If Office is slowly migrating to iOS, this could be a huge turning point for the Microsoft and Apple relationship.

A lot of people prefer Office to iWork, and Office’s absence from the App Store this long could be a problem for Microsoft. Users are increasingly moving to mobile devices, and I know a lot of iPad users that would prefer Office to the iWork apps that are available. But, it seems like the smart people in Redmond know this, and they’re actually working on doing something about it.

If Apple wants the iPad to be the continued de-facto tablet in the market, they’re going to need Microsoft’s support whether they like it or not. iOS devices with Microsoft apps would be far better than they are without them.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of us are getting along just fine without them now, but I’ve had to answer a lot of “Office” questions from new users when it comes to the iPad. The general population isn’t interested in philopshical tech wars between the alpha dogs on the hill. They just want the best solution possible. Office on the iPhone and iPad would be the best solution right now.  OneNote isn’t Office, but it’s certainly the first step in the right direction.

Article Via All Things Digital

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