Microsoft Surface To Cost $1,000+?!

You know how the Microsoft Surface tablet was supposed to be “competitively priced” to kill the iPad? Yeah, about that. A Swedish electronics retailer Webhallen has already thrown both of the Surface tablets up on their site with pricing and all. The RT version of the tablet will cost a jaw dropping 6990kr ($1,013) and the Pro model will sell for 14,990kr ($2,172). And while these outrageous prices aren’t official, if they turn out to be true, the Surface tablet will be dead on arrival as it has no way to compete with the iPad. Keep in mind that VAT may be included in this price, so depending on where you live the tablet could be slightly cheaper or more expensive.

If you’re unaware, the Microsoft Surface tablet was announced in June 2012 at a surprise Microsoft press event. The tablet will come in two different versions: RT and Pro. The RT version of the Surface will feature an ARM chip and will be running Windows RT, giving it limited access to apps. The Surface Pro, on the other hand, will sport an Intel processor and will run almost any Windows application you throw at it.

We can tell that Microsoft is trying to heavily compete with the iPad using the Surface tablet, but that doesn’t look likely to happen with the Swedish price tag. The only way Android tablet manufacturers have been able to genuinely compete with the iPad is by making lower priced tablets like the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, which sport a $200 price tag. Before we sign off, let us know what you think of the Surface’s price by leaving a comment on this post.

Source: Webhallen via CultofMac
Image Credit: CultofMac

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