Marvel graphic novels now available on iBookstore

Do you love Marvel Comics? If so, I have some fantastic news for you. Marvel has officially announced that it has released its graphic novels on the iBookstore! Initially Marvel has released 81 comics for your reading/viewing pleasure. But, that’s just the beginning; Marvel has stated that it will be adding more comics each week. Also included with the launch, customers can read New Avengers Vol. 1: Breakout for free.

For a limited time, customers can read the first full issue of New Avengers Vol. 1: Breakout at the iBookstore…free of charge.  For experienced comic book readers or casual fans alike, there’s something for everyone: action (X-Men: Messiah Complex), suspense (Secret Invasion), mysteries (Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm), literary adaptations (Pride & Prejudice), children’s tales (Wonderful Wizard of Oz) and more!

This is great news for comic fans. Marvel is really trying to not only hold onto its longtime fans, but also bring in a new generation by making its comics even easier to obtain.

Via: The Loop 
Source: Marvel

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